powerline giants

the more i look around and listen, i realize that i am not alone!

Rachel. 22. Adventurer, scientist, rebel-with-too-many-causes.

I will post about: feminism, science, nature, avatar, nerdery, and snacks. Check out my science blog! stemgrrl.tumblr.com
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Dog sitting. He knows basic commands, sit, poop, star wars, etc.

Nigel is finally awake, Daisy inspired cookies, and a Pinterest-worthy leaf mobile. Happy fall!

I work in a magic faerie forest.

Alumnus tea time

Nina and Nigel!

I made a thing. Well, I bought the picture on etsy but I put up the feathers!

I got them from the peacock at my job. No big.

Early morning farm’s harvest dinner. Healthy food for all!

Belay is off.

On belay?
Getting set up at work.

Autumn olive harvesting!


"Frank likes to pretend he’s a dragon." -yellowben

Can I have one?

Creeping out my window as a form of human interaction. Normal?



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Yesterday at work: ropes course training!